About Me

I began my journey of healing and consciousness early in life when a life-changing event took place when I was 5 years old.  My Father passed away very suddenly in the night.  The trauma of losing a parent, when that young, threw me into a defense pattern of pushing myself to exhaustion.  From that moment forward I was on a mission to figure out life and understand the family dynamic I was in.  I questioned WHY this happened to me.  There had to be more to life than the pain I felt inside and the pain I saw in my family. Being a very intuitive and feeling type, I took on everyone’s feelings like a sponge.  By college my emotional pain had manifested itself as an eating disorder. In my early 20’s I sought out therapy for my eating disorder and depression; it CHANGED MY LIFE.

From that point on I knew I wanted to be a therapist and help people heal their pain, but first I had to help myself.  I finished a graduate program in Psychology and Counseling with a master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. I changed my thinking, addressed the emotional pain in my body, plus found spiritual faith that all my unhappiness wasn’t in vain.  In time I began to feel better by integrating cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual techniques in this personal healing process I found myself in.

As a licensed psychotherapist with over 27 years of experience in North Carolina and Colorado, I have developed an approach that combines my trainings in Gestalt, Somatic Breath Work, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Hydrotherapy, Psycho-Emotional Kinesiology and Meditation.  I use these different techniques based on what the session calls for. I have authored my own newspaper column as well as published magazine articles.  I lecture frequently at Metro College and have worked extensively with industries giving seminars on wellness as well as trainings in communication and conflict resolution in the work environment.

Another aspect of my work is facilitating retreats ranging from a 4 day women’s retreat using nature and breath, to one day workshops.  My focus is creating a safe container in which to have fun and do deep transformational work which allows my clients to explore themselves spiritually, discover their potential and understand the relationship between the body and the mind.


Teri Roth, M.A., LPC