Over my lifetime it has been important to me to have a quality life.  I have always believed as human beings we deserve to be happy and to enjoy this experience called life.  As a psychotherapist, I began my search to discover a method in my therapeutic approach that would help people create the permanent change that they want in their lives and therefore live a quality life.  What I discovered through experience and application is a body centered approach to psychotherapy which takes into account the entire person on each level of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  My approach is based on the premise that the body has an innate wisdom all its own.

The body is a storehouse of energy and memory at a cellular level.  If what is recorded in the body’s memory is traumatic, then over time this can become a hindrance to the flow of life energy and eventually the internal stress becomes an imbalance in our body/mind.  This imbalance is our body’s way of getting our attention.  This is what my work focuses on.  At this point, the imbalance is just a blocked energy pattern in your body presenting itself as a thought, feeling or belief.

This is where my therapeutic techniques assist in a session and help the client to access the blocked energy held in the body and bring it to the surface where it can be felt and experienced.  We can heal the body memory by going within and experiencing what’s there.  Once understood and experienced, the natural pathway of our life energy can inherently flow and be in balance once again.

The various techniques that I bring to my practice that I have certification and training in are Gestalt, Somatic Breath Work, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Hydrotherapy, Psycho-Emotional Kinesiology and Meditation.  Each of these techniques are effective ways to get us out of our heads where we interpret life, and into our bodies where we EXPERIENCE life.  It is by being present in our bodies that we can understand our pain and move out of it and in its place experience who we really are.  This is authenticity and this is the only way to have a quality life…


Teri Roth, M.A., LPC