This technique allows the client to deal with any conflict they may be experiencing whether within themselves or with another person.  The client puts the subject of conflict in the empty chair and talks to the person or part of themselves, then becomes the subject and talks back to the client.  The idea is to objectify the conflict and bring it outside of yourself.  Significant insight can be gleaned in the dialogue resulting in an integration and transformation within the body.


This breathing technique allows the client to focus inwardly on their inner life and be present with whatever they are experiencing; whether it is a thought, feeling, or a sensation.  By being profoundly present with oneself the use of this breathing technique can move out old emotional pain that has been trapped in the body, therefore creating emotional resolution and clearing.


This technique takes a client into a hypnotic trance, the alpha state (similar to a deep meditative state) where there is more opportunity to tap into the subconscious mind.  Hypnosis is used to program goals or to bring a part of oneself more fully into being.


This technique is the same as Somatic Breath Work but is done in a hot tub at 100 degrees or lower.  The client is face down breathing through a snorkel.  This creates a safe container with no distractions from oneself.  The goal is to be completely present with one’s self.  If scheduled in a series of sessions a discount is offered.


This technique allows the client to sit in stillness and silence with oneself.  It is the simplest and most natural way to establish a loving and compassionate  relationship with yourself.  Meditation offers a new perspective from which to look at life.  It enhances one’s connection to their inner wisdom.  Meditation packages are offered individually or in groups.


This technique is based on the premise that the body has an innate wisdom all it’s own and has recorded every stress we have ever experienced in life.  As a stress elimination process, this technique locates and corrects long standing energy imbalances in the body mind that can eventually create internal stress, blocks or illness.  Optimal balance is restored by tapping into the body’s innate wisdom by using Applied Kinesiology (body feedback via muscle testing) to access self limiting beliefs or patterns stored in the body.  Since Psycho-Emotional Kinesiology works on an energetic level dowsing rods are also used in a session and work with the same principle as Applied Kinesiology.  An inward shift takes place causing an outward transformation.


Experience the healing power of a Crystal Bed session, using light, color and clear quartz crystals from Brazil.  Chromotherapy (light and color) and crystal therapy, balance, cleanse, and restore the body’s energy system to it’s natural state.  The benefits are unique and can be profound and life changing for each person.  The Crystal Bed was developed at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.



Rejuvenate from an Electromagnetic Therapy session.  The Electromagnetic Therapy Machine (EMT) works on a vibratory level.  By setting the device to a certain frequency electromagnetic waves are transferred throughout the body stimulating each living vibrating cell.  This helps to balance the body physically, mentally, emotionally therefore creating healing to affected cells.


Teri Roth, M.A., LPC